King Edward VII Hall Chinese Drama中文戏剧
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A student-led production that started in 2000, KEVII Chinese Drama has progressed tremendously through active participation of talented cast and Chinese drama enthusiasts, as well as strong support and feedback from the audience. In the last few years, we had a full audience-ship of 900 at NUS University Cultural Centre Theatre. The production has also been recognized at the NUS Student Achievement Award ceremony.
国大King Edward VII Hall中文戏剧成立于2000年,由一群对戏剧充满热情的学生和校友创建。十七年来,我们经历风雨,一步步成长为了国大最优秀的演出团体之一。我们逐年提升演出水平和团队专业性,近年来已常驻于国大文化中心剧场进行年度大戏的演出,并长期保持着将近100%的上座率。

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